Transfer Station 


Hours: Tuesdays 12-5 & Saturdays 8-5

Dalton Trash Bags: $17/large and $11/small roll (available at Municipal Building and Transfer Station)

Cash is not accepted at the Transfer Station. Checks or money orders only made payable to Town of Dalton.

SCHEDULE OF FEES: (Last update 02/2023)

Passenger Vehicle (P)  $5.00 each
Light Truck (LT)  $7.50 each
Trailer and/or Tractor Trailer (TR)  $20.00 each\
Tractor Small Front Tire  $30.00 each
Tractor Rear Tire  $75.00 each
Skid Steer/Loader Tires  $400.00 each

Chairs – Kitchen $ 3.00 each

Small Furniture $ 4.00 each

Large Furniture $ 8.00 each

Couches/Recliners $12.00 each

Sectional $22.00 each

Sofa Beds $15.00 each

White Goods $12.00 each

(Refrig., Freezers, Air Conditioners, any item containing refrigerants) $10.00 each

Mattresses & Box Springs
King $15.00 each
Queen, Full $12.00 each
Twin $ 8.00 each

Carpets & Vinyl $.50 sq. yard

Large Appliances $10.00 each
Includes refrigerator., freezers, a/c, dehumidifier or anything containing refrigerants

Small Appliances $ 5.00 each (Stereos, vacuums, etc.)

TVs larger than 36” $35 & up each
TVs up to 36” $20.00 each
TVs up to 20” $10.00 each

HD flat screen TVs
Up to 38″ $15.00 each
38″ – 50″ $25.00 each
over 50″ $35.00 and up

Monitors, printers $10.00 each

Computer (CPU’s) $10.00 each

Fax Machine $5.00 each

Demolition Material
6′ Pickup Bed/Small truck load $35.00 per load
8′ Pickup Bed load $45.00 per load
Demo (Trailer and Dump truck) $22.00 per yard
Sheetrock & Shingles $40.00 per yard

Metal Only: Free

No tanks or drums

Florescent Bulbs up to 8’ $.10 per foot
CFS $.25 each



Only household garbage in blue Town of Dalton bags may be deposited in the dumpster. 


Fees are subject to change.

The Six R’s

Click here to read a helpful short article on recycling and how you can make a difference in what goes into the landfill!

We Recycle

Glass: Clear, green, blue and amber or red empty bottles and jars; Rinse clean and remove caps and lids. Labels and rings may be left on. (NO Light Bulbs. Bottle tops and caps go into the trash).

Cans: All aluminum and tin cans less than one gallon size; Cans must be rinsed clean and paper labels removed) Do not flatten aluminum cans. Do not include cans with plastic or paper parts. No PAINT CANS. Cans over one gallon go into SCRAP METAL)

Aluminum: Aluminum foil, trays, pie plate and other pure aluminum items; Rinse clean. (No bottles or hard lids. No aluminum items that contain non-metallic materials)

Newspapers: All dry newspapers and including brown paper bags ONLY.

Magazines: All dry magazines junk mail, cereal boxes, paper, etc.

Cardboard: All clean, dry corrugated boxes; Cardboard must be flattened and placed in proper recycling box. (Waxed or wet cardboard goes into TRASH)

Plastics: HDPE – an opaque plastic used in milk and water jugs, detergent and many other containers. Look for symbol on bottom of container. PET-a clear plastic used for soda bottles, salad dressings. These have a seam down the side. Completely drain and rinse clean. Remove any metal or plastic caps. Currently accepting types 1 and 2 ONLY.

Batteries: Deposit household, car and truck batteries at proper location at transfer station.

Unacceptable Materials: The following materials will NOT be accepted at the Transfer Station.

Harmful, hazardous or toxic substances including oil, auto and machine/equipment fluids of any kind

Ashes of any kind

Sludge or septic wastes

Any material, which in the opinion of the Recycling Attendant constitutes a serious hazard to other users of the facility, the property of the Town, or the operations of the Transfer Station.

Origin of Materials Brought to the Transfer Station: Only materials collected within the limits of the Town of Dalton shall be brought to the Transfer Station. All household trash must be in a Pay-As-You- Throw Bag.

The Recycling Attendant shall have the right to refuse the use of the facility to any person, corporation or other user who, in the judgment of the attendant, is misusing the facility, is in violation of the rules. Any user who refuses to obey the legitimate instructions of the attendant shall be guilty of a violation of the Town’s Recycling rules.

Trespassing: The gate will be locked at all times when the Transfer Station is not open to the public. Anyone entering the facility when the gate is closed is guilty of criminal trespass.

Littering: Anyone improperly leaving materials in or around the Transfer Station, or anyone improperly leaving materials anywhere within the Town of Dalton, except as directed by the Recycling Attendant, shall be guilty of littering and creating a public nuisance.