Town Notices

Tax Bills are PRINTED!

Second issue tax bills are printed and being stuffed into envelopes. We will be mailing them on Thursday, November 2nd. Payments are due on or before Tuesday, December 5th to avoid interest and/or fees. You can also access your tax account online HERE.  

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2023 Property Revaluation Report

What is the Revaluation Process?  Cyclical revaluation is a measure and list of all municipal properties within a three to five-year time period. Property assessments will be updated during the last year of measuring and listing property data, including the...

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Municipal Building Maintenance Committee

During the July 24, 2023 Select Board Meeting, there was open discussion on the condition of our Municipal Building and the maintenance that has been deferred in years past. There is a long list of items that we must address and we have taken names for people...

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